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Who are we?

Established in 2020, Reef Zlements is a UK-based, family-owned business founded by passionate reefers who are dedicated to helping fellow hobbyists create and maintain optimal conditions for their tanks. With over 30 years of experience in the aquatic world, our journey began with freshwater tanks and evolved into our current expertise in mixed reef systems.

Our profound love for marine life stems from our extensive diving background. As avid, certified divers, we have explored diverse underwater ecosystems around the globe, gaining invaluable knowledge and hands-on experience. Combined with our academic background in Chemistry, this has formed the solid foundation for Reef Zlements.

At Reef Zlements, we are committed to providing you with everything you need to create a thriving ecosystem. We offer a wide range of quality products and dedicated support, all at the right price. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced reefer, you can trust us to deliver reliable products and expert guidance every step of the way because, first and foremost, we are passionate hobbyists ourselves.

Quality is of paramount importance to us, which is why we offer comprehensive in-house analysis services. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, including an Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) machine, an ion chromatography (IC) system, and an auto-titrator, our state-of-the-art laboratory allows us to perform detailed water testing. With our advanced analysis capabilities, you can gain valuable insights into your reef's chemistry, nutrient levels, and alkalinity, enabling you to make informed adjustments and ensure optimal conditions for your corals and marine life.

Our products undergo rigorous quality assurance processes in controlled laboratories, utilizing multiple analysis methods. This ensures that what you add to your reef remains uncompromised, giving you confidence and peace of mind. We understand the importance of maintaining a balanced and healthy marine environment, and our mission is to empower you with the tools and knowledge to achieve just that.

Beyond providing top-notch products and analysis services, Reef Zlements is a community-driven company. We value the relationships we build with our customers and believe in fostering a sense of camaraderie among hobbyists. We are always here to listen, share our expertise, and support you on your reef-keeping journey.

D-D The Aquarium Solution

We are delighted to announce that since February 2023, Reef Zlements, a leading provider of top-quality aquarium products, has entered into a strategic partnership with D-D The Aquarium Solution, a renowned distributor in the aquatic industry. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies as Reef Zlements' exceptional range of products will now be made available to customers across the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe.

Reef Zlements has established itself as a trusted brand among reef aquarium enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of innovative and reliable products and services for marine setups. By joining forces with D-D The Aquarium Solution, Reef Zlements aims to expand its reach and cater to a wider customer base. D-D is widely recognised for its extensive expertise in aquarium equipment distribution, hosting an extensive network and a strong reputation for delivering exceptional service and support to both retailers and hobbyists alike.


Through this partnership, Reef Zlements will benefit from D-D's extensive distribution channels and established relationships with retailers throughout the UK, Ireland, and Europe. This collaboration will enable Reef Zlements to bring their top-of-the-line products and services to a broader audience, ensuring that aquarium enthusiasts across the region have access to the latest advancements in the industry.

With Reef Zlements' commitment to product excellence and D-D's dedication to customer satisfaction, this partnership promises to provide aquarium enthusiasts with unparalleled access to high-quality products and outstanding service. Whether it's an aspiring hobbyist setting up their first tank or a seasoned aquarist looking to enhance their existing setup, this collaboration ensures that the best products and services will be readily available to meet their needs.

Reef Zlements and D-D The Aquarium Solution are thrilled about this partnership and look forward to the positive impact it will have on the aquarium community in the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Together, they are dedicated to fostering a thriving aquatic hobby, delivering exceptional products, and providing unparalleled support to customers, making every aquatic endeavor a success.

To go to D-D website please click HERE

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