Z-Aqua Pure

Z-AquaPure DI is a premium grade indicator mixed bed DI resin with a 60/40 anion/cation ratio.

It is a high-quality, long-life resin which is used after the RO membrane to further reduce your total dissolved solid and that will change colour from blue to gold once the absorbing capacity is depleted.

Z-AquaPure DI resin is ideal to purify water to be used in aquariums as it will indicate it is depleted before the negatively charged compounds like silica, nitrates and phosphates pass the resin pod and contaminate the supply of pure water.

Sizes available and RRP:

1.2l Jar RRP – £16.4 (£13.66 per litre)

2.4l Jar RRP – £28.99 (£12.08 per litre)

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Z-Aqua Pure 1.2L

Z-Aqua Pure 2.4L

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