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Bromine is a macro element which is present in all reefs around the world.  

Although its physiological effects are still being studied, it is believed that some animals use it to build up defences against predators. Bromine is also believed to support good LPS/SPS coloration and health.

Bromine is a macro element that gets depleted from the water in our tanks quickly.

Therefore, it is important to check its levels through an ICP analysis and ensure its stability by dosing a Bromine supplement as needed.

Bromine concentration naturally sits around 65 mg/l.

Bromine Zlement used in conjunction with a regular testing procedure, allows any reefer to make corrections to Bromine levels, ensuring the levels in their tank water stay within the best range for their friends. 

10 ml of Bromine Zlement increases the Bromine concentration of 100 litres by 5 mg/l.

1 Litre Bottle

IMPORTANT NOTE: The use of Ozone and the dosing of Bromine should be handled with care, as both substances together may lead to the formation of Bromate a toxic compound. Therefore the ozonised water should be passed through an activated carbon filter.  

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