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1.Register an account

To make a new account, just click the button below and provide your information in the sign-up form. If you haven't bought an ICP test yet, please do so at one of our approved stockists.

2.Enter your aquarium details

After you've signed up, input the barcodes from your test package, along with your tank name and the net volume of your aquarium (which is the water volume in liters minus the displacement caused by rocks, sand, and equipment).

Reef Zlements ICP Standard and Advanced 1000PX_edited.png

3. Stick the barcodes to the vials

Stick the barcodes to the relevant vials along the vial (ensuring they are placed on the side of the vials not wrapped around).

IMPORTANT: Please add the barcode that finishes with “r/o” to the RODI water vial (e.g. 0001-xx3xxx-1111-r/o should be sticked vertically to the RODI water test tube. Please do not wrap the barcode label around the vial).

Please note if you bought the Saltwater only test your pack will only contain 2 saltwater centrifuge tubes.


If your test is the Advanced ICP test your pack will also contain a third 50ml tube - please only fill this vial with saltwater.

4.Taking a sample

Rinse the saltwater vials 2 – 3 times with your aquarium water and then fill them with with your saltwater. If you purchased a pack with both the saltwater and RODI analysis, the third vial rinse it with RODI water and fill it with your R/O water only. NOTE that, if it is an RODI vial the barcode label includes "-r/o" at the end of the barcode. Else please only fill with saltwater.

If your test is an Advanced test, fill the syringe without the 20um filter attached then, attach the filter and then empty the syringe contents through the filter into each vial to completely fill each vial. Please repeat the procedure as many times as necessary to completely fill the vials.

IMPORTANT: Please send only RODI water in the RODI vial and saltwater in the others (please check the barcode to see if it should be RODI as per the above).

IMPORTANT 2: Please completely fill all vials - without the full vials we aren't able to complete the necessary tests.

5.Post the vials

Take the “address label” out of the package, use it in the envelope supplied with the correct postage (please note that due to size the Advanced ICP test will require different postage to the Standard ICP tests) and place the vials inside the padded envelope. Use the adhesive strip seal to close the package.

For international customers please use the following HF Tariff in the customs declaration: 3923301000 with "Saltwater for analysis" as description and a declared value of  £ 0.5.

Please note that if for any reason the address label is missing, please address the pack to:

Reef Zlements ICP Lab

28 Alfric Square

Peterborough PE2 7JP

United Kingdom

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