1.Register an account

You can register for a new account by clicking on the button below and filling in your details in the registration form. If you have not yet purchased an ICP test please visit one of our approved stockists.

2.Enter your aquarium details

Once you have registered enter the barcodes that you received in your ICP-OES test pack, along with your tank name and aquarium net volume (water volume in litres minus the rock, sand and equipment displacement). Please ensure you enter the RODI barcode separately.

3. Stick the barcodes to the vials

Stick the barcodes to the relevant vials.

IMPORTANT: Please add the barcode that finishes with “r/o” to the RODI water vial (e.g. 0001-xx3xxx-1111-r/o should be attached vertically to the RODI water test tube).

4.Taking a sample

Rinse the 2 saltwater vials 2 – 3 times with your aquarium water and then fill with with your saltwater. The third vial rinse it with RODI water and fill it with your R/O water. IMPORTANT: Please remember not to mix saltwater with RODI water. 

5.Post the vials

Take the “postage label” out of the package, use it in the envelope and place the vials inside the padded envelope. Use the adhesive strip seal to close the package.

Stick the auto adhesive “Free Postage Label” on the back of the padded envelope. Now you just need to send it in the post and will come straight to us.

Wait until you receive an email alerting you that the results are ready, log into the RZ ICP portal and check the results!

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