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Revolutionise your reef aquarium care
RZ H2P Dosing System

Welcome to the future of reef aquarium dosing

with the evolution of the

Reef Zlements 2-Part Dosing System

we created the first

Hybrid 2-Part System the RZ H2P System.


Unmatched Precision and Control

The Reef Zlements H2P Dosing System is uniquely designed to provide your marine ecosystem with 11 macro elements and 13 trace elements, vital for the well-being of your corals. Our system stands apart in its ability to fine-tune the Alkalinity along the pH levels in your aquarium, offering unparalleled control and customisation that will allow you to grow corals like the reefers shown below!


RZ Dosing Features

Part 1: Hybrid Complete/pHplus

Dive into the heart of reef care with Part 1 of the Reef Zlements H2P Dosing System. This vital component consists of two interchangeable solutions, Complete and pHplus, each designed to not only increase alkalinity but also enrich your reef aquarium with a comprehensive blend of macro and trace elements. Each litre contains 10,000 dKH units, and a 10 ml dose can raise the alkalinity of 100 litres of water by 1dKH.

  • Complete: Ensures optimal alkalinity while gently elevating pH.

  • pHplus: Ensures optimal alkalinity while actively increasing pH.

  • Custom Blending: Mix Complete with pHplus to tailor the pH balance to your aquarium's specific needs. Dose them together or separately for infinite pH control.

Part 2:

Experience the power of precision with Universal, the rebranded and essential part of the Reef Zlements  H2P Dosing System. Containing approximately 72,000 mg/l of Calcium but, Universal is not just about Calcium.


It’s a meticulously balanced blend of 13 essential macro and trace elements, crucial for the health and growth of your corals.

Each of the elements plays a critical role in creating a stable and thriving environment for your reef. With Universal, you’re not just dosing; you’re fostering an ecosystem that closely mimics the natural ocean environment.

Untitled (3080 × 1414px) (7).png

pH Management Made Easy

  • To raise pH: Increase the proportion of pHplus.

  • To lower pH: Decrease the proportion of pHplus.

  • Make adjustments gradually and monitor the changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don’t monitor your pH, we recommend starting with Complete and Universal.

Simplified Dosing for Exceptional Results

  • Start with a 1:1 ratio between Complete Part 1 and Universal Part 2.

  • Dose in areas of high water-flow for even distribution.

  • Continuously monitor and adjust alkalinity and calcium levels as needed.

2 Part Instructions

Dosing Instructions 

Step 1

Determine Alkalinity consumption of the tank.

This can be done by testing alkalinity, then stopping all dosing and testing alkalinity again exactly 24 hours later.


The difference between the alkalinity levels will be the consumption in 24 hours.


For example, if your first test reads 8.5 dKH, and your second test performed exactly 24 hours later reads 8.2 dKH, your daily consumption would be 0.3 dKH.


If you are already using a dosing system, please check our FAQ page for dosage calculation instructions then continue to step 3.

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