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Coral DIP

Coral DIP is an extremely effective, yet gentle with the corals, dip aimed at removing undesired pests.

Coral DIP thoroughly disinfects, helping them prevent bacterial diseases like STN/RTN. It also effectively removes and kills Polyclad, AEFW and other types of Flatworms, Montipora and Zoa Eating Nudibranchs, Bristle worms, Pyramid and Box snails,  and other pests.

Coral DIP is safe with corals and doesn't contain Iodine or or oxidising compounds.

Size available 50ml ​

Instructions: Shake bottle before use. Add 0.5ml of Coral DIP to 1litre of saltwater, mix well.

Dip the coral for up to 15 min and keep the water agitated with a power head or a baster.


Alternatively shake the coral gently to ensure all pests fall off the coral. At the end remove the coral and rinse it with clean saltwater before placing it in the aquarium.


Do not reuse the dip and do not dose directly to the aquarium.

For more information or instructions on how to use join our Facebook support group.

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