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The pH level in your aquarium is directly affected by CO2 levels both in the water and in the room, which is exacerbated by limited air exchange in modern well-insulated homes.


To combat this issue, we have launched CarboZorb, a specialised CO2 absorption media designed for use with aquarium skimmers. By removing CO2 from the air that passes through the skimmer and therefore goes into the water, CarboZorb effectively reduces carbonic acid levels and raises the pH, promoting healthier growth and addressing low pH-related issues.

Active CarboZorb is easily identifiable by its light purple color, which turns dark purple when depleted and is no longer effective. For optimal results, add a minimum of 1 litre per 500 litres of aquarium water inside a CO2 scrubber connected inline with the skimmer.


Using higher quantities will not further increase the pH in the aquarium but it will extend the lifespan of the media before replacement is necessary.

IMPORTANT: CarboZorb should not come into direct contact with water and is specifically designed for external use within a CO2 scrubber connected to the skimmer.

Size available:

  • 5000ml 

Reef Zlements CarboZorb_edited.png
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