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Z-DI Resin is a premium, high grade mixed bed de-ionising resin which should be used in conjunction with a reverse osmosis unit in adequate DO pods after the RO membrane to further reduce the total dissolved solids in your RO water.


Regardless of the grade of resin used we recommend the use of 2 or more in-line DI pods to ensure that all contaminants are fully removed. Furthermore we also recommend the use of an in line Total Dissolved Solids meter with at least 2 sensors.


One sensor placed after the first DI pod and the second sensor placed after the last DI pod. Once the first sensor reads 1ppm of TDS the resin in the first DI pod should be replaced, the subsequent DI pod moved into its place and the new resin pod placed as the last stage of the RODI unit. The second sensor should, at all times, show 0ppm of TDS, if that is not the case replace all resin pods and/or add more DI pods.


This will ensure water purity and the full use of the DI resin.


Sizes available:

  • 1 litre

  • 2 litres

For more information or instructions on how to use join our Facebook support group.

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Z-DI RESIN 1l & 2l 

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